Federico  Lama


Incantations photogallery opens February 5, 2016 at 18 the "GAS" event by the photographer Federico Lama.

The exhibition will remain available to view until February 12, 2016 every day from 14.30 to 18.30, except on Thursdays and Sundays.
On the anniversary of the tragic years of World War I, the exhibition "GAS" wants to remind everyone that it is at the april 1915 that dates back to the first time the massive use of poison gas in war.
A fact that is particularly striking for its brutality and its cynicism, emblematic of a war in which thousands of young people were knowingly sent to die as "cannon fodder."
The exhibition is divided into three sections: the Horror, Compassion and Oblivion, a path that the two characters, both in their early twenties, a young man of today and a yesterday young infantryman, perform ideally together.
At the end of this journey the young infantryman, whose nakedness is testimony to the fragility and helplessness, seems to ask the same age today: "This remains me? A selfie of memory?" Federico Lama

Federico Lama was born in Genoa and currently lives in Chiavari.
His working life takes place as a manager, in Italy and abroad as part of information technology. Freelance holds seminars on the quality of interpersonal relations.
Since 2001, slowed down the pace of work, is passionately dedicated to photography and writing.
Convinced analog and black and white photographer (printing his own photographs in the darkroom), has recently passed to digital, while maintaining the foot in both camps.
The exhibition "GAS" in fact offers analog and digital prints.
He has exhibited his photographs in many group exhibitions in Chiavari, Sestri Levante (A light peninsula) and Genoa (at the Associazione Culturale Satura).
Personal exhibitions: in Chiavari ( "E 'sign" in 2014 and "Gas" in 2015).


Every day from 14,30 to 18,30 .
Thursday and Sunday closed.

For appointments call the mobile 3405033054 .



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