Nadja Kuznetsova

Nadja Kuznetsova, Russian artist photographer among the most quoted in Saint Petersburg, presents for the first time in Italy his project Cheshire Landscape, already exposed previously in prestigious venues in Berlin, London and Paris. The work is a symbolic retelling of the famous novel by Lewis Carrol "Alice in Wonderland", set by the author in the city and in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

The entire series of photographs is made with an entirely manual process that starts from the shot, and continues in the darkroom, where the photographer intervenes with original art on the surface of the image, creating textures and precious pictorial nuances.

The images of Nadja Kuznetsova "Cheshire Landscape" series are praise of the innocence necessary to the creative discovery of the world, of a look where protective shadow of a small room becomes a landscape, a metaphor for every place possible, for each trip.

The exhibition will be inaugurated at the Photogallery Incantations Vico San Giorgio 9-11r in Genoa on October 8, 2016 from 18.00 and will remain until October 29, 2016 with hours from 15:00 to 19:00 every day except Thursday and Sunday.

During the inaugural evening the artist will be present.

Free admission.

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Alessandra Cevasco, Davide Marino and Nadja Kuznetsova  - Studio Incantations - Genova, 12.10.2016  ( Photo by Aleksandr Balagura )



Studio Incantations is glad to announce that on Saturday the 5th of November, at our exhibition hall,
the Irish composer Joel Cathcart will present his new album.
Soon we will give you more information about the event.

His facebook page:

Joel Cathcart


For the first time in Studio Incantations the photographer Fiorella Iacono from Modena will exhibit her works.
The exhibition will begin Saturday, November 26 and will end on December 10.
Soon we will give you more detailed information about the event.