WALK UP TO SYRACUSE ( Spaziergang nach Syracus )

During december 1801, the German writer Johann Gottfried Seume began a long walk throughout Italy, reaching Syracuse. In contrast to Goethe and his "Italian Journey"of few years earlier, Seume didn’t look to  the ideal of antiquity, freedom and sensual life, but placed the daily life at the center of his reflections. His journey was a meditative path, almost a praise of slowness. Nine months with an old sealskin backpack as a companion, the same one had followed him elsewhere, and a very specific purpose: make the experience of reading Theocritus sitting nearby the fountain of Arethusa.
In 2001 Erwin Geiss, German artist and photographer, leaves from Trieste to retrace, during five years, the same route. Two centuries have passed, but the intent is the same: to experience an inner journey, a path to regain himself. The same backpack, the same long walking and a photocamera to fix the poetic narration of passing time, the meaningful moments he experiments on his way. The purpose is to make experience of the “wonder”, a special state of soul that opens us to the world, usual during the childhood, but desperately lost in the adulthood. It’s just in the unexpected, everyday epiphanies that infinity finds its way, and the artist transposes it into images through his eyes: the nature and its amazing phenomena, animals in their humanity, men and women in their creaturely gestures, technology with its loose cables, cars, cranes, concrete structures of tunnels or sheds, the chimneys of an abandoned factory, the black asphalt roads and the combinations of various, absurd signposting that sometimes can inspire us a feeling of pity.
Everything flows, reminds us Heraclitus, the favourite philosopher of the artist. Also this statement is doomed to pass away, buried under layers of lava.
Closer to the destination the eye of the photographer meets a lonely board "tower of the philosopher", witness that one day, from here, a moment of human wisdom passed.

Info about Erwin Geiss ( click here )

                                                                                       Anna Gallo and Erwin Geiss at the vernissage in Incantations

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Photo by Diane Epstein